Some useful tools for Web Development in Android

1) For Writing the Code

For writing your code in the android for developing web apps use the apps given below…

  1. Acode Editor (Not only for web development for any other purpose also)
  2. Spck Code Editor (For Front-end like HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT..)

Acode Editor

It is not just only for web apps you can write any code in this code editor it is just like using vs code in PC. It has some cool features like FTP, Console for running Javascript codes and also you can connect you GitHub account here.You can run you Front-end code in the app also you don’t need to open any browser.

Spck Code Editor

This App is just wow. You gonna really going to enjoy while writing Front-end code here. It has some really very useful features like …

  1. Emmet yeah you heard right it has Emmet support means while writing code it autocompletes you code which make your coding experience really amazing.
  2. Git Client it has also Git Client feature so that export your changes right to your GitHub Repository. If you need to make live edits to GitHub you can do so right in the editor. It also supports Diffs and we know for any code editor which has Git integration needs diff.
  3. Import and Export Zip Yes you can export your code to zip file from editor and also can import as well.
  4. Live Preview Like Acode editor here you can also run your Front-end code right in the App. Don’t need to go to browser to run your code.

2) For Back-End and Server

It depends what language you are going to choose for your Back-End part. I am going to discuss about some such tools you will here to amazed what you can do with your android only. Languages for which i going to tell you the app names are given below…

  1. For PHP in the Back-End
  2. For NODEJS in the Back-End
  3. For Python in the Back-End

1) For PHP in the Back-End

The app we are going to use in for the php is AWEB server which has both php as well as MYSQL so you have no problem with the Databases as well.

It is really a complete App for PHP and MYSQL. In PC we have XAMPP or WAMPP server it is just like that. you just need to start the Web Server as well as the MYSQL server. It also have FTP server. you can also define the port on which you want your web server starts. It has also some useful thing like PhpMyAdmin.


Now i am going to tell about a app which has almost everything what you need and that app is Termux. Believe me the upper things which i told you about PHP MYSQL server you can do the same thing in this app as well but upper one was the easiest method for php mysql. This is just like linux os it is more than an app you can run so many things in this app you never came to know.

For installing node in termux you need to write some commands as we do in linux same thing. The command is given below.

apt-get update

apt -get install nodejs

write the upper two commands and node js is installed in your termux now type node in the terminal and node repl will start. you can execute your code in node js write “node filename.js” and your code executed.

3) For Python in BACK-END

As i said earlier you can do most of the things from termux so first i will tell you the method you can run your backend code from termux and after that i will going to tell you a alternative app also from which you can run any python script.

For installing python in termux you need to write commands given below…

apt-get update

apt-get install python

after installing you need to type “python” and you are good to go.

Now in python you can do your backend in Flask or in Django.

so for installing flask command is given below…

pip install flask

for installing Django you can use below command….

pip install django

Now the another app for python i am going to tell about is “Pyroid” from this app you can run most of the python programs and use jupyter notebook , numpy and so many libraries from this app. From this app you can also install flask and django just go to pip and install these two modules.

It has also a dedicated console so write your code in acode editor and here execute your code from console by writing “python”.

3) For Databases

Now we have in the last part how to configure databases in the android.So there can be two databases sql and no-sql so i am going to tell about both how to install Database server and client in the android.


For using MySQL in your android i earlier told you about AWEB SERVER app from this app you are going to use MySQL very smoothly. This is a server app so start DATABASE server from this app and you need to use a client app as well so you can you DB CLIENT app available on play store.

after starting the database server from AWS SERVER app you need to login in this app. In the host field fill “localhost” and username will be whatever in your AWS SERVER app and same thing with password and write the database name what you are going to connect.For creating initial database go to phpmyadmin through your browser.

Second Method

You can also install mariadb server in termux by writing below command.

apt-get update

apt-get mariadb


For installing MONGODB server in the android the easiest method would be you just install DORY server available on play store.

This app was for mongodb server now for client i will tell you a app which is not free on playstore but you know you can install mod version i am not promoting it but just for learning purpose i am saying that app is “MONGOLIME”.

If you ever used this app you know what i want to say it is really no doubt you can say best app available on play store for mongo client.

Second Method

you can install mongodb server on termux as well. But like linux we have default repo from where we install servers or apps same goes with the termux but in termux repo till now there is no option for mongo server so for installing mongoserver in the termux we need to use some third party repo.Just type whatever command is given below and mongodb server will be installed in your termux.

pkg install curl
curl -LO
pkg update

After running above command type “mongod” to start server and there is a 95% chance you will get an error. So if you don’t get error then your server is started and you are good to go but if you get an error type the command given below…

cd ~

cd ..

cd usr

cd data

mkdir db

Done enjoy your web development journey in your android.




Hey stranger nice to see you that you are reading my bio. I am a student from instrumentation but always inclined towards software field.

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Deepu singh

Deepu singh

Hey stranger nice to see you that you are reading my bio. I am a student from instrumentation but always inclined towards software field.

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